Comprehensive Course

Our most extensive GAMSAT preparation course

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Comprehensive Course
Best for - Sitters that are focussed on holistic preparation and making maximal improvements in the next GAMSAT.
Learn - Foundational knowledge, skills and techniques for all sections with intensive and high-performance classes.
Value - Our complete array of premium GAMSAT material in one structured program.
Includes the Essentials Package
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The Comprehensive Course is an end-to-end GAMSAT preparation program that covers fundamental theory and knowledge for all sections of the exam and builds skills that are crucial for succeeding in the GAMSAT. Over several months of classes and self-practice material, students cover knowledge and skills in a logical progression, accelerating students to an exam-ready state in the shortest time period.


Everything in Essentials Package, plus:
Essentials Package
The core practice material needed to understand the skill domains for each section, with an AI based intelligent atlas tailored to users.
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Bridging Course - Section 1 & 2
The foundational in-person classes covering the core requirements of Section 1 and 2
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Bridging Course - Section 3
The foundational in-person classes covering the core requirements of Section 3
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Problem-Based Learning
The techniques and strategies needed to improve in each of the skill domains covering all sections
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Strategy Weekend
A full weekend of workshops covering exam strategies needed to soften the edge of background knowledge and question application.
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Additional Mock Exams
A collection of 5 full-length mock exams simulated to the real GAMSAT, with comparable question styles and degrees of difficulty. Includes a full performance report with in-depth answers, analytics, and access to in-person exam review days.
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Section 2 Private Tutoring
An expansive private tutoring program including one hour weekly private tutorials beginning close to the exam
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General Private Tutoring
Ten sessions to be booked on a topic of the student’s choice with a Fraser’s tutor
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Satisfaction Guarantee
Pro-rata refund if you are not happy with the course
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