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GAMSAT Essentials Pro Bundle Course
The Best Tutors - Choose the tutor you’d like to work with from our team of specialist GAMSAT tutors
ACER Context - The mock exams are rigorously designed to ensure the development of skills needed for the real exam.
Fraser's Proprietary Atlas - Our custom platform that actively curates content for maximising your results and GAMSAT preparation.
The Question Bank - An ever increasing treasure of 2000 GAMSAT questions with hand-picked section 2 prompts.
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The Essentials Package + Pro Bundle is our most Advanced GAMSAT Essentials Bundle yet!
It's got everything, from our Proprietary AI-learning Atlas to our massive question bank!
4 Additional ACER-Style Mock exams to help you get the best out of your learning and 4 Private Tutoring sessions with our expert tutors to answer and and every question that you may have.
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See what you'll get in our Essentials + Pro Bundle
Complete Online Question Bank
Over 2000 GAMSAT questions within the exam-styled portal
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Full Mock Exam
Access to a complete mock exam with performance analytics
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Additional Mock Exams
A collection of 4 full-length mock exams simulated to the real GAMSAT, with comparable question styles and degrees of difficulty. Includes a full performance report with in-depth answers, analytics, and access to in-person exam review days.
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Private Tutoring
4 sessions of personalised tutoring from a tutor of your choice. Use your tutoring hours whenever you like, and choose the area of study you’d like to focus on.
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Skill Centric Atlas for Section 1, 2 & 3
Skill domains are defined, explored and exemplified with written and video-based modules
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Fundamentals Atlas - Section 3
The core background knowledge needed for Section 3
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Dynamic AI-Atlas Technology
A learning algorithm that assesses the user on skill domains and provides tailored difficulty in content for easiest engagement and retrieval
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Domain Analytics
All questions and quizzes are tagged using the GAMSAT skill domains. Performance is tracked and reported for user monitoring
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Handpicked Prompt Selection - Section 2
A set of prompts that complement training and provoke development in key writing domains
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Fraser's Medical Community
The online community for students and healthcare professionals to engage and network with students, tutors and doctors
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Live Support
24/7 support built within the LMS
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