bridging tutorials

Bridging Tutorials

Skill development classes covering all sections of the GAMSAT exam

GAMSAT skill developement (bridging tutorials)
GAMSAT Skill Development
Two weeks of skill development training, featuring 10 classes and 25 hours of class time for the Comprehensive Course, or 4 classes for the Concentrated Course
Develop key skills and approaches for maximising your performance, learning the smartest ways to apply your knowledge during the GAMSAT exam
Plan your GAMSAT preparation around your life with flexible class times available and class recordings posted online after the session

Section Breakdown

Two weeks of skill development classes, covering all sections of the GAMSAT exam

Section 1

(Comprehensive + Concentrated)
In Section 1 tutorials, you’ll learn the two most important skills for scoring highly in Section 1: text type comprehension skills, and strategy. We’ll walk through each of the 6 different text types in Section 1, ranging from journal article extracts to cartoons, highlighting the key skills, inherent structure and technical flow of these different textual categories. You’ll learn in a practical application-first style, allowing you to experience how theory and application work together when approaching Section 1.

Strategy is the second crucial skill for Section 1. Many students practise volumes of questions without considering their micro and macro strategy for approaching Section 1 on exam day. We’ll teach you how to pull all the key skills together in a Section 1 exam and strategize effectively to account for individual weaknesses and exam traps

Section 2

(Comprehensive + Concentrated)
In Section 2, our practice-led workshops put essential theory into practice. You’ll learn our ‘S2 Strategy’: a method for approaching Section 2 with directness, clarity and complexity. Writing is a practice, so we’ll guide you through practical, supportive and feedback-rich environments as you refine your skills.

Section 3

(Comprehensive Only)
In Section 3, we’ll consolidate and solidify the content you learned in your Bridging Seminars, allowing you to apply your new knowledge to questions earlier and with more confidence. We’ll cover all areas of biology, chemistry and physics relevant to the GAMSAT, with an emphasis on how to use this knowledge to access GAMSAT-style biology, chemistry and physics questions.

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