strategy weekend

GAMSAT Strategy Weekend

A full weekend of GAMSAT workshops covering strategy, techniques and writing styles

gamsat strategy weekend
Weekend Workshops
Learn key in-exam strategies, techniques for generating ideas and methods to maximise your performance
Learn insider tips and practical tricks for scoring higher, taught by highly successful tutors who are the best in the game
Approach your exam with confidence, knowing you’re equipped to tackle even the toughest of GAMSAT themes

Weekend Breakdown

Here’s what we’ll cover on each day of the Strategy Weekend
On Day 1, we’ll cover in-exam strategy for Section 1 and 3 of the GAMSAT exam. We’ll also develop a macro framework for problem-solving, so you’ll know how to work your way out of questions, even when you’re stuck.
On Day 2, we’ll cover the Ideas Based Approach for Section 2, a patented approach to writing that ensures Fraser’s students perform outstandingly, every time. You’ll leave Day 2 with more ideas, as well as clear, concise ways to deploy them during your GAMSAT exam.

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